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About us

In a world in permanent and urgent change, we were born to rethink spaces in an innovative, creative, functional and sustainable way, for a full and conscious experience. Based on Mota-Engil, we emerge today with 76 years of experience, namely in Portugal and Central Europe, and a vast legacy of assets, as a result of the different business units of the group. 

This legacy, which has become a business opportunity and which we renew daily on behalf of the spaces of the future, provides us with a solid background in several areas that allows creating and implementing efficient solutions that add value to all stakeholders. For this we have a multidisciplinary team totally focused on making the world a better place for everyone.

emerge emerge


Sustainable, efficient and innovative projects that are architecturally impactful but respectful, that stimulate and promote regenerative processes both for those who live them and for their surroundings.

Projects recognized for their high standard of execution quality and solutions, translating into trust and solidity!

Multidisciplinary, creative, dynamic, persevering, welcoming team, capable of understanding the sustainability of a business on its various fronts and sensitive to today's world, but with a vision of the future and its needs!

Aggregating projects of the various valences and heritage of the ME group, more than a promoter we want to be a solution provider for differentiating projects with an impact on society!

We seek to leverage whenever possible architectural design solutions that help not only create value for the project, but also create spaces that, despite being integrated into the respective environments, stand out from the same.


More than a developer, we aim to be a solution provider for differentiating and transforming projects, with an impact on society and the planet. We work on a daily basis to be a reference company in the real estate market, focused on developing holistic projects:

  • Capable of promoting well-being and happiness for each one and for communities;
  • Architecturally innovative and impactful;
  • Integrated with their surroundings, preserving and promoting the connection with nature;
  • Renewing Mota-Engil Group’s heritage and challenging for a reliable, solid, multidisciplinary, creative, dynamic, and forward-thinking team.

-Inherent confidence

We are part of the Mota-Engil Group and, therefore, providing confidence in all deliveries and interactions is part of our DNA. With a solid team, we respect the heritage of the past and renew our principles to respond efficiently to new challenges.

-Endless innovation

We transform the present in each project, designing and implementing innovative solutions, prepared for the future. We reinvent spaces and the way they are thought about and experienced in their multiple uses.

-Organic togetherness

We have a reliable, solid, multidisciplinary, creative, dynamic, and forward-thinking team. The union between everyone emerges naturally and is critical for our daily overcoming. Everyone’s well-being is essential for everyone – because making it a better place starts here, with our own.

-Transparent communication

We communicate clearly with all stakeholders, putting truth above all else. So that all our employees, partners, and customers know what we believe in, what we do, and how we do it.

-Global respect

We respect nature in all its elements and each individual with all their needs and aspirations, because this is the only way we can deliver sustainability in all our ideas and projects - enhancing the quality of life and minimising our environmental impact at all stages - from design to construction and living.